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Special Topics

Estill and the Pop Singer
Course ID: 2030
Date: 2022/10/22 to 2022/10/22 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 9am Pacific, 10am Mountain, 11am Central and Noon East Coast Cost: 75.00 CAD Language: English Prerequisites: Level 1 and 2
Instructors: Kelly Burge, Ron Long
Contact: Ron Long | | 7808875664
Course Location:
Zoom online
North America 
Edmonton North America
United States

Are you struggling teaching or finding your pop sound?

In this zoom intensive, we will explore -

  • “Creating healthy texture” -Estill options used by professionals
  • “Magic behind the mic”- necessary changes at the level of power and source when we add another filter 
  • “Riffing for beginners”-unraveling the mystery
  • “Reclaiming your individuality” - the premium value of a signature sound
  • “From Thin to Belt”- variations within the twang and belting recipe for more modern sound 

This workshop will be on Zoom!

Kelly Burge is an Estill EMCI, professional vocal coach, has students on American Idol, ASCAP songwriter, former college professor, voiceover artist (voice of Nidalee in League of Legends and founder of the “Singer’s Style Lab.” She is based in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Visit her website at

Ron Long is an Estill Master Teacher for six years and is based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He taught for 5 years at MacEwan University’s Theatre Arts (Musical Theatre) Program and at the MacEwan University’s Conservatory of Music for 20 years. Presently he teaches online and at his home in Edmonton. Over the Pandemic he created an online community of singers that meet on daily basis for an Estill based warmup and workout. For more information visit his website

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