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Introductory Workshop

Intro to Estill Voice Training: Where the Science Meets the Silly!
Course ID: 2002
Date: 2022/10/17 to 2022/10/17 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 12pm-2pm Cost: 50 USD Language: English
Instructors: Timothy Russell, Jenna Pastuszek
Contact: Tim  Russell | | 860-227-4697
Course Location:
Planet Earth Everywhere
United States

Led by a Broadway voice teachers Tim Russell and Jenna Pastuszek (EMT's), this interactive ONLINE workshop will cover a variety of vocal tools to empower your speech and singing. Using the fundamentals of Estill Voice Training, participants will move through functional exercises to increase awareness of the vocal mechanics necessary to speak and sing with more power, ease and clarity.

Here at IVS, we like to take things seriously, but not TOO seriously. So, brace yourselves for a variety of silly prompts to make your voice shine.

Enjoy the many benefits of Estill Voice Training, including:

  • sing skillfully across genres for more vocal versatility
  • singing and speaking sustainably
  • a deepened awareness of your voice
  • a vast array of tools and prompts to level up your singing
  • become your own self-diagnostician
  • join a community of wonderful voice nerds

This LIVE workshop will include:

  • An Introduction to the Estill figures and qualities
  • Exercises for expanding range and increasing vocal power
  • Practice groups and /or open coachings for vocal development

For more about our studio, visit:

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

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