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Introductory Workshop

Introduction to Estill Voice Training - Online
Course ID: 1992
Date: 2022/08/28 to 2022/08/28 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm (AEST) Cost: $60 (AUD) Language: English
Instructors: Emily Wilkinson
Contact: Emily Wilkinson | | 0429 364593
Course Location:
Online Online

Want to know more about how your voice works?

This introduction to Estill Voice Training explores the way we can control voice changes to improve power, stamina, projection and vocal health.

Suitable for all voice users, singers, teachers and performers.

We will cover:

  • Basic anatomy of the structures of the Vocal Tract
  • Overview of Estill Voice Figures
  • Combinations to create Estill Voice Qualities
  • Gain an insight into what is explored in Estill Levels 1 & 2 taught over 5 days.

Registration Fee: $60 AUD (Payment via direct bank transfer)

Please email to confirm registration, payment details and any other information.

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