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Introductory Workshop

Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop - Online
Course ID: 1968
Date: 2022/08/28 to 2022/08/28 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 13.00-17.00 Cost: £50 Language: English
Instructors: Taylor Wilson
Contact: Taylor Wilson | | 07905862099
Course Location:
Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop - Online
Online Online
United Kingdom

Introduction to Estill Voice Training - Online

Date - 28th August 2022

Time - 13.00 -17.00

Cost: £50

If you are interested both in how your voice works and discovering more artistic freedom, then book a place for this online introductory course. Certified Estill Master Trainer, Taylor Wilson will share her knowledge and expertise in this interactive afternoon workshop. She will be covering an overview of the Estill Model and offering lots of practical solutions for your own singing, speaking and teaching. 

Testimonials on Taylor’s workshops:

‘Taylor has revolutionised the way I approach my singing and performance. She is incredibly skilled at tailoring to the individual, employing a variety of approaches and techniques’

‘She recognised what all the participants needed and made them feel at ease'

‘I feel more confident in my abilities, overall improving my singing and voice to new heights I originally thought I would not be capable of achieving. Cannot recommend Taylor enough - a truly fantastic and passionate teacher’


The Estill Voice Training model is a unique blend of scientific knowledge with voice exercises and application that connect to your auditory, visual, kinaesthetic and emotional awareness of your voice and singing.

Exercises in awareness regarding common voice hurdles: such as how and why you might experience voice/register breaks and how to override them, unwanted nasality, switching between vocal styles, identifying and understanding common tensions, providing some practical diagnostic tools for participants even from this morning session.


This afternoon course will be presented by Estill Master Trainer, Taylor Wilson, live via Zoom conference, where you will discuss and explore -

  • an overview of Estill Voice Training (EVT) Model
  • how does the EVT model work?
  • a short introduction to anatomy and physiology and its application
  • the 13 Figures for Voice
  • a brief overview of the 6 Voice Qualities
  • an introduction to Voiceprint Plus, a software that is available to give you visual feedback about your voice and vocal control
  • optional short masterclass with Taylor, in song or spoken word
  • how you can find out more!

Course participants will receive an Attendance Certificate.


Suitable for: professional singers, singing teachers, students and amateurs, voice, speech & drama teachers, actors, speech & language therapists with a special interest in voice, ENT Surgeons and those interested in Estill Certification. 

Suitable for all styles of voice, singing & speaking.


Click this link which will take you through to the online registration, and then select "Book Workshop" from the menu on the left to secure your place! 

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