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Advance your practise - digging deeper into Estill figures & Voice Qualities.
Course ID: 1950
Date: 2022/11/02 to 2022/11/04 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: Wednesday 13 - 18, Thursday 9 - 18, Friday 9 - 18 Cost: 400 € / 2.980 DKK Language: English Prerequisites: Estill Level One & Two Course
Instructors: Dorte Hyldstrup, Marcello Zempt
Contact: Dorte  Hyldstrup | | +45 26415382
Course Location:
To Be Announced i Gent
Gent Gent

In this course, accessible for those who have already attended the Level One and Two Courses, we will go in depth about the Estill Model.

After reviewing the Figures and Qualities, their applications, the problems and solutions, we will focus on different aspects of “working with Estill”. With particular attention to practicing with the participants' repertoire, we will work on “permutations”, the many possible variations of the original qualities.

There will be also a Q&A moment for the participants about topics such as Estill and performance, teaching and working with Estill, etc.

This 3 days course is also a great added value to those who are preparing for the EFP certification.

During the days you will work with both Dorte Hyldstrup, DK & Marcello Zempt, NL.

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