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Exploring Estill: Head, Neck & Torso Anchoring (Support) ONLINE
Course ID: 1664
Date: 2021/11/30 to 2021/11/30 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 8pm - 9pm AEST (UTC+11) Cost: $30AUD Language: English Prerequisites: None!
Instructors: Jenny Caire
Contact: Jenny Caire | | +61404919854
Course Location:
Melbourne Victoria

‘Support’ the tone using Anchoring - more stability, less vocal effort!

What is 'support'?

What are we supporting? How do we do it?

Are there ways to support that will enhance vocal production - and ways that are detrimental to healthy voicing?

Could my 'support' be undermining my technique? How do I correct this?

Estill looks at the whole body - the way it's designed to work and how this can impact our singing both positively and negatively. 

Different ways of Anchoring (supporting) the tone will be explored in this workshop. You will have the opportunity to practise while muted so you can really explore how it effects the sound. 

There will be time for questions and problem solving at the end of the workshop.

Detailed notes will be sent to each participant at the conclusion of the workshop.

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