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Introductory Workshop

Introduction to Estill Voice Training
Course ID: 1637
Date: 2021/11/22 to 2021/11/22 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 6.30-9.30PM London Time (18:30-21:30 hours) Cost: £45 Language: English Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Anne-Marie Speed
Contact: Anne-Marie Speed | | +44 7957 272554
Course Location:
United Kingdom

An introduction to Estill Voice Training and how it can transform your understanding of voice technically and practically.

Led by Anne-Marie Speed, International Voice and Singing Teacher, one of EVI's most experienced teachers and trainers, this short introduction will take you through the key concepts of Estill Voice Training and its unique benefits to all voice training, speaking and singing, at whatever level of training or experience. 

The session will include:      

•   What makes Estill Voice Training unique

•   Overview of Figures and Voice Qualities

•   Teaching advantages - identify problems more quickly and more accurately!

•   Performance advantages - train your voice to be reliable and predictable! 

•   The interface between Estill Voice Training and other traditional pedagogies

•   Video and audio examples

•   Q&As

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