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Next Steps in Belting with EVT

Special Topics
Course ID: 1574
Date: 2021/12/04 to 2021/12/04 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm GMT Cost: £50 Language: English
Instructors: Stefan Holmstrom
Contact: Stefan Holmstrom | | +44 (0)7970 057 660
Course Location:
United Kingdom

Next Steps in Belting is the second session of a two-part short course in belting.

In this practical session you will begin to move your skills on from the basic set-up for belting to singing words in songs and increasing the range of your belt. We will continue to listen to many examples of this voice quality in action. We will also discuss mixed voice and belt, leading on to the crucial question: 'when do I actually need to belt?’ 

By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • reviewed how to set up Estill belt quality safely
  • learned how to maintain belt quality on different vowels
  • started to increase belt range
  • applied belting to a song

The workshop is delivered in English with optional Czech interpretation. The first session of this two-part short course is called Belting for Beginners, which will take place on Saturday 6 November 2021.



How to book

Please visit

This workshop can also be booked as part of a two-course belt package for £90, a discount of £10. Please visit

About the trainer 

Stefan Holmström, MFA and Estill Master Trainer (EMT), is a professional opera singer and voice teacher who works with a wide range of singers and speakers. He offers online singing lessons and workshops from his studio in central Brighton. For more information, please visit or contact Stefan at or +44 (0)7970 057 660.

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