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Sing and Speak without Strain with EVT

Special Topics
Course ID: 1561
Date: 2021/10/16 to 2021/10/16 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm BST Cost: £50 Language: English
Instructors: Stefan Holmstrom
Contact: Stefan Holmström | | +44 (0)7970 057 660
Course Location:
United Kingdom

If you have ever strained your voice or experienced scratching or an urge to cough when you sing or speak, this is the workshop for you.

In this playful session, we will explore effort levels in voicing - for example, how hard do you need to try to make a clear sound? You will get in-depth information, practical group exercises, some individual coaching and advice on application in artistry and teaching. 

We will also discuss the false vocal folds and the role they play in vocal health. False vocal fold control is probably Estill Voice Training’s biggest contribution to the world of voice. It is the crux of singing with an open throat and has huge, positive implications for your vocal health. Learning false vocal fold control can help you:

  • reduce strain and promote clear tone
  • stop scratching or an urge to cough when you sing or speak
  • aid effective breathing
  • perform better under pressure, especially if you suffer from nerves
  • sing, speak and teach in a way that is sustainable
  • maintain good vocal health if you want some constriction in your artistry 

The workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about how the voice works, singers of all genres and all speakers (e.g. actors, teachers, public speakers, radio hosts), voice teachers, choral directors and speech and language therapists. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • had an anatomical overview of the larynx
  • learned about primary function of the larynx
  • learned about different effort levels in voicing
  • explored and begun training the false vocal folds
  • applied false vocal fold control to singing and speaking 

The workshop is delivered in English with optional Czech interpretation.



How to book

Please visit

About the trainer 

Stefan Holmström, MFA and Estill Master Trainer (EMT), is a professional opera singer and voice teacher who works with a wide range of singers and speakers. He offers online singing lessons and workshops from his studio in central Brighton. For more information, please visit or contact Stefan at or +44 (0)7970 057 660.

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