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Introduction to Estill Voiceprint Plus

Special Topics
Course ID: 1560
Date: 2021/11/21 to 2021/11/21 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Cost: £35 Language: English
Instructors: Stefan Holmstrom
Contact: Stefan Holmström | | +44 (0)7970 057 660
Course Location:
United Kingdom

Learn to get the most out of Estill Voiceprint Plus together with experienced EMT Stefan Holmström. 

Estill Voiceprint Plus is spectral analysis program that can display, record, and play back the voice. It allows you to “see the sound”. For the speaker or singer, it provides meaningful feedback about pitch, volume and voice quality. For the teacher and clinician, it is an effective way to engage clients and accommodate different learning styles. 

The goal of this 90-minute session is to give you the confidence to begin using this software effectively as a tool for both your own practice and in your teaching studio. 

We will cover:

  • Vocal acoustics - how the vocal folds turn breath into vibrations
  • Anatomy of the ear - how does the ear hear?
  • Practical overview of Estill Voiceprint Plus software
  • Q&A 

This session is mainly taught using Mac but also covers PC. It would be helpful if you have already purchased the software from the Estill Voice website.



How to book

Please visit

About the trainer 

Stefan Holmström, MFA and Estill Master Trainer (EMT), is a professional opera singer and voice teacher who works with a wide range of singers and speakers. He offers online singing lessons and workshops from his studio in central Brighton. For more information, please visit or contact Stefan at or +44 (0)7970 057 660.

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