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EVT Belting Basics - ONLINE

Special Topics
Course ID: 1550
Date: 2021/09/18 to 2021/09/18 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 6pm - 8.30pm Cost: AUD$65 Language: English
Instructors: Naomi Eyers
Contact: Naomi Eyers | | +61 421 428 584
Course Location:

Can you do a Belting workshop at home? Yes, you can!

This 3-hour online workshop is for anyone interested in knowing more about Belting and how they can use it safely and easily in their singing and performance. 

What we will cover: 

 * What is Belting? Estill's Definition and beyond

* Things we need to know to sing loud, sing high, sing safely

* When would we use it - and when we might want to use something else

* How do we make it 'pretty'?

* Tips on troubleshooting & practice...and more!

Join us for some joyous noise making!

Suitable for: anyone interested in Belting: Teachers, professional singers, students, enthusiasts, actors. Those new to Estill as well as those who have previously participated in Estill Voice Training Courses. 

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