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Introduction to The Estill Model - ONLINE

Introductory Workshop
Course ID: 1420
Date: 2021/08/08 to 2021/08/08 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 10AM - 1PM Cost: £30.00 Language: English
Instructors: Jennifer Mitchell
Contact: Jennifer Mitchell | | 07843-24471
Course Location:
Kidderminster Worcestershire
United Kingdom

The Estill Model is a system of voice training that identifies the structures in the larynx responsible for producing voice and those in the vocal tract responsible for controlling resonance and voice quality. Using play sounds we can identify, isolate and train different parts of the anatomy to improve function. Whether you want to improve your singing skills, find new ways of achieving creative vocal choices, recite Shakespeare, increase power, improve breath control or just improve your craft, the Estill Model provides practical solutions for varying vocal hurdles.

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