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An Estill Figure A Week (and a little more) - ONLINE

Practice Group
Course ID: 1285
Date: 2021/03/03 to 2021/06/09 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 11:30-am - 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time Cost: $157.50 month for four months Language: English
Instructors: Kelly Burge
Contact: Kelly Burge | | 925-998-0802
Course Location:
Pleasanton Ca CA
United States

A Figure a week course

So, you've taken an Estill Level One Course. It probably felt like drinking from a fire hydrant? We understand, it's a lot of information. This course is designed to allow you to take your time to review the figures in a "figure a week" setting. Kelly taught this course at the college level in a similar format, giving students time to "digest" one week's lesson before moving on to new material. We will do a weekly review of each figure, discuss different prompts for each of the figures, and then practice as a small group with voiceprint. The last two weeks will be an overview of the recipes for sound in level two with a voice print of each. (these two weeks may go longer to accommodate the material depending on the number of attendees)

The price is $157.50 a month for four months. It runs from Wednesday March 3- June 9. (with a day off on April 7 for spring break) Class is 90 minutes longs and runs from 11:30 am-1:00 pm pacific time. 

If you are preparing to take the EFP exam, or would like to consider preparing for the EFP exam, then this course is a good place to start.

This might be a good time to purchase your own copy of voiceprint! 



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