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The Voice of Rock with EVT

Special Topics
Course ID: 1209
Date: 2021/03/24 to 2021/03/24 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 16:00~22:00 Cost: 16500JPY(Tax incl.) Language: Japanese Prerequisites: EVT Level 1 Course
Instructors: Alejandro Saorin Martinez, Alessandro Campone , Yukie Ina
Contact: Yukie Ina | | +81-80-4396-9930
Course Location:
Zoom Tokyo

This course is for participants who have completed at least the EVT Level 1 Course. 

The course will present how to use voice effects such as scream, rattle, growl, whistle, distorted or clean voice, and the possible mix used in Rock & Metal. Endoscopic observations and acoustic analysis will be shown. Practical exercizes will be tought. Course includes a question time.

Vocal health is paramount and it is encouraged that you contact the instructor prior to registering for this workshop if you have any vocal health questions or concerns.

Instructors: Alejandro Saorin Martinez, Alessandro Campone

interpreter: Yukie Ina

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