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How Does My Voice Work? - Intro to EVT

Introductory Workshop
Course ID: 1122
Date: 2020/11/30 to 2020/11/30 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: 8pm -10pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (UTC +10) Cost: $60AUD Language: English Prerequisites: None apart from an interest in learning about your voice!
Instructors: Jenny Caire
Contact: Jenny Caire | | +61 404919854
Course Location:
Melbourne Victoria

How Does My Voice Work? is a 2 hour introduction which begins by explaining the vocal tract - the larynx and its cartilages and how the vocal folds function in everyday life and voicing.

It's a bit anatomical - but easy to understand and there will be diagrams and models to look at to facilitate understanding.

You'll be muted while the data presentation proceeds, so you can do the exercises and make silly noises and nobody will hear you!

We'll discuss the different ways the vocal folds vibrate and how the set up of the vocal tract changes for different voice qualities and styles. You'll also learn about increasing your power and range and how to avoid vocal strain.

This presentation will include an introduction to Estill Voice Training and is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with Estill if you are interested in doing a Full Level 1 & 2 Course, but not quite sure about it. There'll be an opportunity to ask questions during the workshop.

It's 8 - 10pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time, which is 9am London time(same day).

Minimum requirement of 4 people for the workshop to proceed. The workshop will NOT be recorded, but detailed notes will be supplied to participants.

Any questions, please email Jenny:

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