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Shifting Style - Moving from Disney to Rodgers & Hammerstein to Sondheim

Special Topics
Course ID: 10
Date: 2019/05/12 to 2019/05/12 (YYYY/MM/DD) Time: Registration 9.45-10.30am; Course runs from 10:30am-5:00pm including short Open Session Cost: £110; £85 Early Bird rate if booked before 01 Apri Language: English
Instructors: Anne-Marie Speed
Contact: Anne-Marie Speed | | +44 7957 272554
Course Location:
PQA Studios King\'s Cross
242 Pentonville Rd King\'s Cross 
London Greater London
United Kingdom


The vocal demands of contemporary musical theatre are among the most demanding of any genre. Performers are required to sing well and authentically in a range of musical styles and need to develop a versatile voice that can express the key characteristics of different musicals. In any given week the actor can be rehearsing Disney, preparing for Les Mis or auditioning for a rock or folk musical. How does the singer negotiate these different genres easily while maintaining the musical integrity of each show and their own sound?

This day will address the major components in training the voice and the style characteristics necessary to be able to successfully move from one genre to another. We will focus particularly on Rogers and Hammerstein, Sondheim and the Disney musicals but will also address other styles during the day. 

The day will include:

•   What is ‘Style’?

•   Key technical skills required 

•   Vocal characteristics of individual composers

•   Shifting between styles within the same show

•   Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

•   Short master class

Suitable for:  People new to the model; those familiar with the Model, looking for clarification and consolidation; singers and teachers; students and professionals.

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