Join us for a global gathering of leaders in voice training & rehabilitation this August 2-4, 2023, in Vienna, Austria.

To celebrate our world view and multi-cultural interests, Estill Voice International produces an international symposium every two years. In presentations and workshops led by some of our most gifted teachers and invited guests from the scientific, medical, and voice training communities, we explore the world of vocal possibilities.


August 2-4, 2023


Vienna, Austria & Online


The Muth- Concert Hall for Vienna Boys Choir

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  • Symposium Venue:
    The Muth- Concert Hall for Vienna Boys Choir

Symposium Overview

Monday, July 31 Tuesday, August 1 Wednesday, August 2 Thursday, August 3 Friday, August 4

Level 2 Course

(Online and On-location)


Level 2 Course

(Online and On-location)


Opening Reception of the Symposium


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Symposium Dinner Celebration

Pre-Symposium Level 2 Course

Estill Voice Training Level 2: Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities™ is for anyone who has completed Level 1 and would like to take their skills further. This course is ideal for singers, actors, vocal coaches, drama instructors, speech-language pathologists, and other vocal health professionals. Level 2 builds on the knowledge and skills from Level 1 by asking participants to combine different Figure options into “recipes” for six basic voice qualities – Speech, Falsetto, Twang, Sob, Opera, and Belt.

EMCIs teaching this course include: Corinne Mager (USA/Austria), Patrik Thurner (Austria), Kim Steinhauer (USA), Naomi Eyers (Australia), Anne-Marie Speed (UK), Tim Richards (UK), Alizia Romero (Spain), & Julie Cimon Racine (Canada)

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Lodging Information

The following hotels are offering a limited number of discounts to Symposium attendees. Contact the hotels directly with the links and codes below for your bookings. Send questions to Oliver Wejwar

Babula Hotel

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The Social Hub

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Symposium Celebration

On August 4th, celebrate the end of our 11th Estill World Voice Symposium with all you can drink and eat at Stöckl im Park in the heart of the Belvedere Palace grounds. Dinner tickets can be purchased, and a free brewery tour can be added to your registration. Tickets are non-refundable.

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  • End of Symposium Celebration
  • All you can drink and eat at Stöckl im Park
  • Ticket non-refundable
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