Pre-order The Estill Adventure: Figures for Beginners

Introducing... The Estill Adventure: Figures for Beginners The Estill Adventure: Figures for Beginners is first official Estill Voice Training resource designed for children and beginners of all ages! This bright, lively journey explores the voice with the Figure Buddies - Larry Larynx, Bobby Body-Cover, Annie AES, and more. Students will learn, practice, and play through [...]

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EMCI Spotlight: Charlotte Xerri

EMCI Spotlight: Charlotte Xerri This instructor spotlight features the president of the Estill Certification Advisory Board, who was recently human subject in voice research at Ohio State University. Name: Charlotte Xerri (sounds like ‘sherry’) Current home (city, country): Newhaven, in sunny Sussex by the sea, near the South Downs National Park and Glyndebourne! Where did you grow [...]

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