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About Kimberly McInnis


Kimberly McInnis is a singer, songwriter, and music producer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a dueling piano entertainer at Howl at the Moon nightclub and creates original music as Kim Maverick. Her compositions and arrangements have been performed by professional and college-level orchestras, choirs, and chamber ensembles. She is an active member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International and volunteers as co-coordinator of their Pittsburgh chapter.

Kim has been coaching voice, songwriting, and music business since 2008. A zealous desire to understand the human body as an instrument led her to study dance, yoga, martial arts, and exercise science. Her teaching philosophy blends these experiences with pop-rock creativity and classical discipline to deliver personalized lesson programs for all ages and experience levels.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Music and Certificate in Arts Management from the University of Windsor. Since 2015, she has served as Support Specialist for Estill Voice International, traveling the world to assist at courses and continue learning about the marvel that is the human voice. She is also the editor of the Think Voice Blog.