About Kimberly McInnis

Kimberly McInnis is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a principle player and Entertainment Director for Howl at the Moon dueling piano nightclub. She also creates original music as Kim Maverick and volunteers as coordinator of the Nashville Songwriters Association International Pittsburgh chapter. Kim has been coaching voice, piano, and musicianship since 2008. A zealous desire to understand the human body as an instrument led her to study yoga, exercise science, and performance psychology. Her teaching philosophy blends these experiences with pop-rock creativity and classical discipline to deliver personalized lesson programs for aspiring entertainers and songwriters. She holds a Bachelor of Music and Certificate in Arts Management from the University of Windsor. Kim served as Support Specialist for Estill Voice International from 2015-2019. She has presented at three Estill World Voice Symposiums and co-authored The Estill Adventure, Figures for Beginners workbook. Today, Kim enjoys traveling to connect with the EVT Community and continue learning about the marvel that is the human voice.

Pre-order The Estill Adventure: Figures for Beginners

Introducing... The Estill Adventure: Figures for Beginners The Estill Adventure: Figures for Beginners is first official Estill Voice Training resource designed for children and beginners of all ages! This bright, lively journey explores the voice with the Figure Buddies - Larry Larynx, Bobby Body-Cover, Annie AES, and more. Students will learn, practice, and play through [...]

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EMCI Spotlight: Charlotte Xerri

EMCI Spotlight: Charlotte Xerri This instructor spotlight features the president of the Estill Certification Advisory Board, who was recently human subject in voice research at Ohio State University. Name: Charlotte Xerri (sounds like ‘sherry’) Current home (city, country): Newhaven, in sunny Sussex by the sea, near the South Downs National Park and Glyndebourne! Where did you grow [...]

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EMT Spotlight: Brian Eisiminger

Estill Master Trainer Spotlight: Brian Eisiminger This spotlight features a voice teacher and musical director who is raising the bar and breaking legs at California University of Pennsylvania, one of our Estill Educational Affiliates! Name: Brian Eisiminger Current home (city, country): Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, USA Where did you grow up?  I grew up on a farm a few miles [...]

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Certification Manual 5.0 is Now Here

Certification Manual 5.0 is Now Here This updated version covers everything you need to know about Estill Voice Training Certification, including preparation, registration, testing protocols, and continuing education. It also debuts three new titles to better represent members of our EVT Community: Estill Figure Proficiency (EFP) Estill Master Trainer (EMT) Estill Mentor Course Instructor (EMCI) [...]

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