From the desk of Dr. Kimberly Steinhauer

Estill Voice International, President

Congratulations! We made it through 2021. As I reflect on the year, we didn’t just make it, we excelled thanks to you. 2021 flew by with a flurry of Estill happenings: a scintillating symposium, the long-awaited launch of Foundations of Estill Voice Training on the Estill Voice Online Academy, revelatory research reports, merry trainer mixers, energetic online (& a few in-person) courses, whimsical webinars, and spirited social media events. And, we added 131 EFPs, 21 EMTs, and 5 EMCIs!

While we’re thrilled to welcome so many new trainer voices, we are speechless when we lose anyone from our talented community. This year we lost a young, intelligent, and creative EFP, Jeromy Mackey. His inquisitive nature inspired him to study and present at Estill events. He even travelled to our London symposium to present with the team from California University of Pennsylvania. We are saddened by his sudden loss in 2021.

Jo Estill said that everybody cries, everybody laughs, so everybody can learn to sing; however, it takes a skillful guide, an Estill Voice Trainer, YOU! Throughout 2021, you gave the gift of EVT to anyone on a journey to discover their own, unique beautiful voice. I am grateful to share the trip with our leaders at Estill Voice International, Corinne Mager, Luke Steinhauer, & Audrey Reilly, and especially with you. Here’s to a harmonious holiday season & a noisy new year!

Vocally yours, Kim