Do you want to become a voice teacher, but aren’t sure which program to choose?  In this article, we discuss 7 benefits of pursuing certification in Estill Voice training.

Reason 1 – Estill Voice Training Certification is Pandemic and Recession Proof

We offer a Gold standard of voice training that is not rooted in one genre of music, nor is exclusive just to to singers.  It is timeless, ageless, genderless, raceless, non-conforming and unchanging in the face of uncertainties from moving your studio or private practice to an online platform, another city, or battling economic impacts of a recession or a pandemic.

Reason 2 – You Will Receive Exclusive Training & Teaching Materials

As a certified Trainer you gain access to exclusive training and teaching materials for all of your studio, workshop and course needs.   They can be used with speakers and singers of all voice types in your online or on-location teaching and consultations.

Reason 3 – We Help You Reach A Larger Audience

Certified Trainers can “Level – up” advertising and reach a larger audience by associating themselves with Estill Voice Training via exclusive logos and badges.  The Estill Voice Training name and logos are recognized globally and in any language. They are true marks of excellence.

Reason 4 – With Estill Voice Training, You Will Attract Talented & Committed Students

Attract talented and committed students to your studio from all over the world, who will gain the confidence to participate and win more auditions and competitions, helping you gain more recognition and secure your reputation in your school and community as the Trainer to book.

Reason 5 – You Will Receive Access to Exclusive Events

Trainers gain access to exclusive events including Estill Research Reports exploring progressive themes in voice including: online versus on-location learning, implicit vs. explicit learning, new discoveries in anatomy and physiology, and explorations that push boundaries of what the entire voice community understands.

Reason 6 – Access To Greater Voice Teaching Opportunities

At the EMT and EMCI levels, the scope of your teaching opportunities multiplies exponentially.  You gain the creative freedom to host your own Introduction and Special Topic Workshops, and the entire Level 1 and 2 curriculum in a variety of mediums.

You can bring the power of EVT to your community to further define, strengthen and empower speakers and singers to meet their vocal goals, and help them solve common and not so common voice problems.

Reason 7 – Gain Entry Into A Diverse Community Of Like-Minded Professionals

Trainers are members of a diverse global community of like-minded professionals in voice education, science, therapy and performance.

We all share the vision of Jo Estill: “Everyone has a beautiful voice!”

Along with the parent company, Estill Voice International, Estill Voice Training stands for the strengthening of cultural diversity, plurality and inclusion and has neither an aesthetic nor gender bias.

Want To Get Started On Your Path To Certification?

Check out Foundations of Estill Voice Training to start your voice training certification.  This is a completely self-guided online course that introduces the theory and practice behind the Estill voice model. It also teaches exercises for range, pitch and endurance. By the end, you will understand your voice in a whole new way.

The Foundations of Estill Course will also set you on the path to certification in Estill Voice Training which is a distinction that is recognized across the globe.

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