EMT Spotlight: Diego Imperiale

This trainer spotlight features Diego Imperiale, an Estill Master Trainer, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Name: Diego Imperiale

Current home (city, country): Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where did you grow up? Buenos Aires, Argentina

Why do you love Estill Voice Training?: I love Estill because its way of teaching (and learning) made me achieve not only my goals as a singer but also help my students improve in quicker, healthier and easier ways than anyone could imagine.

Biggest Professional Challenge: Playing Jesus Christ in a baroque opera version of Jesus Christ Superstar, using my lower tenor register and my upper counter tenor register at the same time. I was also the head of the project.

Last book read: Talking to Spirits by David St Lawrence

Person you would most like to have dinner with: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural.

Favorite performer: Hugh Jackman

What has the COVID-19 pandemic been like for you?: It’s actually been a big break for me, apart from the fact that it has been bad for our artistry. In terms of teaching, I started training two very well known singers from Buenos Aires. They had not been studying because of too much touring. But with me, they could discover Estill during this pandemic and their voices are stronger than ever.

Hobby(ies): Movies (including toys, action figures and collectible movie stuff) & playing baseball

Favorite quote: “I’m dead to everyone unless I become what I may be.”- Paul Atreides

People would be surprised to know…that I love hunting ghosts and paranormal stuff. I even have my own equipment and once in a while I get into haunted places to shoot and investigate.