EMT Spotlight: Zoe Stibi

This trainer spotlight features Zoe Stibi, an Estill Master Trainer, based in Bavaria, Germany.

Name: Zoe Stibi

Current home (city, country): Peißenberg, Germany

Where did you grow up? Hamilton, New Zealand

Why do you love Estill Voice Training?: I love Estill Voice Training because it took all of the myths, the guessing, the “sing from your…” and kicked them out the door. It enables me to actually help my students use their instruments in a way that works with their body and not against it. What isn’t to love about it?

Biggest Professional Challenge: Rebuilding my studio from scratch after moving from London to Germany

Last book read: Black Out by Marc Elsberg

Person you would most like to have dinner with: Angela Ducksworth

Favorite performer: Barbara Streisand

What has the COVID-19 pandemic been like for you?: It has been a bit of a strange ride, I am really loving getting out into my garden, walk with my dog, cook & bake (I did that a lot) . I live in the country so I was able to move around quite freely, so I have really enjoyed my time at home. It has definitely made me reexamine my work life balance.

Hobby(ies): Cooking, hiking, gardening.

Favorite quote: “You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it. ”  Barbara Streisand.

People would be surprised to know… I am a keen DIYer and do a lot of the renovations on our house myself. 10 years ago when someone said to me that relaying the bricks in our driveway was a “mans job” I made it my mission to learn to do everything myself including tiling, demolition, concreting & installing ceilings.