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By Luke Steinhauer, Customer Experience, Estill Voice International 

After over a year of development, creation, revision, testing, revision (again…), The Estill Exercises App is finally here! With content in over six languages, brief overviews of each figure/ quality, and fun ways to practice, this app is your new voice training companion. The app is the present day evolution of our physical product, Figures in a Flash, originally conceived and developed by founding partner, Mary McDonald Klimek. Physical flash cards are transformed into mobile friendly pages and now, way more!

Mobile Friendly Brief Overviews

Choose a figure/voice quality and learn!

We’ve put all of the figures and voice qualities from the Estill Voice Model into this app (in SIX languages). Trying to isolate your true vocal folds but can’t remember the options? Click the TVF: Onset/Offset icon, and review! Can’t remember the hand signal for Cricoid Tilt? Click the Cricoid Icon, Click Tilt, see the hand signal. Need ways to practice Speech quality? Click the speech icon and click exercises.

This app is your mobile learning companion to bridge, connect, and continue your learning from Estill Voice Training courses, workshops, and/or private lessons.

Fun Ways to Practice 

Figures in a Flash is mobile flash cards that function just like the physical cards. See the figure, demonstrate the options on a vowel of your choice, and swipe for the next one. Practice quickly and efficiently, in six languages!

The social option, housed within the side menu, is also a great way to connect with fellow learners and ask questions. You never know who may answer! Posts are reviewed, moderated, and monitored by Estill Voice international.

Notes & Bookmarks

By creating an account within the app, you gain the ability to take your own notes and add bookmarks to figures, options, and voice qualities. Your notes are saved and bookmarked so you can easily access when logged in.

Store & More 

The in app Estill Voice store, is an easy way to get all the Estill Voice training tools, software, and merchandise you may need. And coming soon… audio examples of the figures/qualities, accompaniment tracks, short teaching videos, and more! You’ll want to subscribe to get first access to the newest and latest features & updates.

The Estill Exercises App is available for free to download on iOS & Android and $9.99/a month to access the full content of the app. Download & Subscribe today- your voice will thank you!

About the Author 

Luke Steinhauer is an Estill Master Trainer based in New York City and the Customer Experience Manager for Estill Voice International. He currently teaches at The Krowne Vocal School in Chelsea, Manhattan and maintains a private voice studio in Harlem. Luke has a B.F.A in Musical Theatre from The University of Michigan.