Estill Voice International to present 9th Estill World Symposium in London, UK

Estill Voice International will present the 9th Estill World Voice Symposium at King’s College London, August 9th-11th. To celebrate their world view and multi-cultural interests, Estill Voice International, LLC, produces a World Voice Symposium every two years with presentations and workshops led by some of the most gifted teachers and invited guests from the scientific, medical and voice training communities.

“This year, the symposium theme is ‘​Let’s Get Physical’​ as a nod to the moving anatomy at the core of every Estill Voice Training® ​exercise,” said EVI President, Kimberly Steinhauer. A pre-course, “The Power of Diction,” will usher in the symposium, hosted by Anne-Marie Speed at The Royal Academy of Music.

Presenters include:

  • Kimberly Steinhauer​, Estill Voice International, USA
  • Mary McDonald Klimek​, Estill Voice International, USA
  • Anne-Marie Speed​, Symposium Chair, UK
  • Matthew Berthot​, Winfield High School, KS, USA
  • Gemma Boaden​, Northampton University, UK
  • Marianne Bos-Clark​, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,UK
  • Kelly Burge​, St. Mary’s College of California, USA
  • Steven Chicurel-Stein​, University of Central Florida, USA
  • Jaron LeGrair​, Point Park University, USA
  • Wing Hong Li​, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, China
  • Clare McLeod,​ Berklee College of Music, USA
  • Carolyn Neapole​, Capilano University, Canada
  • Michele Pagen​, California University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Stefania Patanè​, Italy
  • Alejandro Saorin Martinez​, Italy Gabriella Scalise​, Italy
  • Gillian McLaren Scott​, UK
  • Tara Snyder​, University of Central Florida, USA
  • Esther Spadaro​, USA
  • Cari Tellis​, Misericordia University, USA
  • Leon Trayman​, Northampton University, UK
  • Jaana Turunen​, Finland
  • Hanny van Lankeren​, Netherlands
  • Simon Ward​, Academy of Music & Performing Arts, Australia
  • Brian Winnie​, Western Illinois University, USA

Also to be presented at the 9th Estill World Voice Symposium is The Estill Lifetime Achievement Award. The ELAA celebrates those who have made significant contributions to the field of voice and embraced the mission of Jo Estill: to bring voice training into all regions of the world.

About Estill Voice International, LLC

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