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Ready for your New Year’s RESOLUTIONS?

by Mary McDonald Klimek

Estill New Years ResolutionsWill you resolve to give your voice more exercise?
Will you resolve to reduce vocal stress?
Will you resolve to give your voice only constructive feedback?

These are all lovely intentions, but if you have not already taken one of our courses, why not resolve to sign up for an EVT Course in 2019?

Great idea, right?  Here’s what to expect when you register for a course.

First, you must choose.  When you are on, it’s easy to Find a Course.   Click on that button and you will see the very next courses being taught.  Scroll through the first 10 listings, and you will see courses and workshops in Italy, France, England, the Netherlands, the United States, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, and China.  Estill Voice International, indeed!  You will probably want to narrow your options.

You can Search by Country, Language, Course Level, Trainer, or any combination of the above.  We recommend you start your search with Course Level.  A Level 1 Course is typically 3 days long; a combined Level 1 and 2 Course will span 5 days.  The Level 1 search will pull up both Level 1 and Level 1 and 2 Courses.  There are currently 50 to scroll through, which might mean you will want to add Country or Language to that Level 1 search!  When you Find a Course that works for you, click on the course’s title.  You will find all the information you need on the course’s page.

When you take an Estill Voice Training® Course, you earn a Certificate of Attendance that meets prerequisite requirements for EVT Certification.  Our two-step registration process establishes a direct connection between you and Estill Voice International, should you choose to further your EVT studies and make a 2020 New Year’s Resolution to pursue Estill Figure Proficiency!

Step 1 is to Register with EVI.  You will enter your contact information and agree to Terms and Conditions of our privacy and course registration agreements.  Of course, you will have the option to limit our communication with you about courses and products in the future.  We take privacy controls very seriously.  Once you have accepted the Registration Agreement, you are officially registered with EVI and you will be given your first opportunity to purchase course materials: Level One and Two Workbooks.  In most cases you will have a choice of printed or electronic versions.  The exception comes up when you are a last-minute registrant, signing up within 3 weeks of the course start.  In this case, the electronic workbooks are your only option.  Printed workbooks will be delivered to the course host and waiting for you on day one.  You will be emailed with instructions for download of your electronic Workbooks.

If you do not purchase your course materials during this Step 1:  Register with EVI session, your confirmation email will give you the purchase link again.  Remember, if you want a printed copy of your course workbook/s, you must purchase more than 3 weeks in advance of the course

At this point, your seat in the course is reserved, but not secured.  You must complete Step 2: Pay Tuition to Course Host to secure that seat.  Return to the course’s page on  Look for the payment link that takes you to the website belonging to either the Course Host or Course Instructor.  If you do not see a payment link, email the Course Instructor directly for payment instructions.  Once you have completed Step 2: Pay Tuition to Course Host, you are successfully booked on your voyage of vocal discovery!   Congratulations.

Once you have completed the course, EVI will send you an email with a code to download your Certificate of Attendance.  (And, just after that, a code for one-time product discounts in the Estill Store.  Shhhhh!  It is supposed to be a surprise!)

Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions can lead to so many good things.

We at EVI wish you all vibrant and versatile voices in the coming year.  Let us propose a Toast:
Find a New Way!  For your Speaking, for your Singing, for your Health.”